Posted by: lrrp | February 7, 2015

Write a method to sort numbers in an array ?

In the bubble sort, as elements are sorted they gradually “bubble” (or rise) to their proper location in the array, like bubbles rising in a glass of soda. The bubble sort repeatedly compares adjacent elements of an array. The first and second elements are compared and swapped if out of order.  Then the second and third elements are compared and swapped if out of order.  This sorting process continues until the last two elements of the array are compared and swapped if out of order.

BubbleChartThe bubble sort is an easy algorithm to program, but it is slower than many other sorts.  With a bubble sort, it is always necessary to make one final “pass” through the array to check to see that no swaps are made to ensure that the process is finished.  In actuality, the process is finished before this last pass is made.


for i = 1:n,
    swapped = false
    for j = n:i+1, 
        if a[j] < a[j-1], 
            swap a[j,j-1]
            swapped = true
    → invariant: a[1..i] in final position
    break if not swapped


Sample code :

For this implementation you need two loops to implement the Bubble Sort .

public static void bubbleSort(int[] numArray) {

    int n = numArray.length;
    int temp = 0;

    for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
        for (int j = 1; j < (n - i); j++) {

            if (numArray[j - 1] > numArray[j]) {
                temp = numArray[j - 1];
                numArray[j - 1] = numArray[j];
                numArray[j] = temp;


Another alternative implementation :

public static void BubbleSort( int [ ] num )
      int j;
      boolean flag = true;// set flag to true to begin first pass
      int temp;    //holding variable
      while ( flag )
             flag= false;//set flag to false awaiting a possible swap
             for( j=0;  j < num.length -1;  j++ )
                    if ( num[ j ] < num[j+1] )// change to > for ascending sort
                            temp = num[ j ];//swap elements
                            num[ j ] = num[ j+1 ];
                            num[ j+1 ] = temp;
                           flag = true;//shows a swap occurred   

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