Posted by: lrrp | September 19, 2011

Telecom pages hacked: Engineer arrested

A computer engineer has been arrested by CID detectives for hacking Sri Lanka Telecom data.
Detectives say he allegedly hacked into data of the Sri Lanka Telecom Rainbow Pages – the directory for advertising.

The CID’s cyber crime division had found that he had altered the programme in a manner that a user could type out the telephone number and find out the name and address of the owner. Usually the user could type out a name and find only the phone number. Detectives said they were investigating whether the programme had been made for sale and whether it had already been marketed.

They said that usually the task of finding the owner and address of a given telephone number was carried out by the police or security agencies for investigations.

The arrest of the engineer came after the cyber crime division tracked him down by following an advertisement which he had placed to sell a car. He had used the same name given to the new programme he developed for an advertisement he placed to sell a car on the internet.

Rainbow Pages Chief Executive Officer M. Balapitiya said they had taken precautions after the detection and there was no threat to customers.


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