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“Totally Free Word Mail Merging Solution” – OPRO Japan Announces the Launch of OPROARTS Apps Easy Merge for

“Totally Free Word Mail Merging Solution” – OPRO Japan Announces the Launch of OPROARTS Apps Easy Merge for

Tokyo, Japan: OPRO Japan Co., Ltd, has unveiled new Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for the AppExchange platform. is one of the leading IT companies providing hosted CRM services over the web. The new solution will help users to generate different sales documents easily in less time. Named OPROARTS Apps Easy Merge – this would provide a user friendly, secure Word mail merging solution for

Users could simply follow the document generation wizard and generate quotations, order forms, invoices and delivery notes by clicking few buttons. Easy Merge users could also generate stylish documents by using the built in templates. One of the key advantage of Easy Merge, among many others, is that the assurance of the security of customer data. Easy Merge is developed using Apex and Visualforce technologies, provided by the CRM platform and assures data security as no user data is transmitted to a third party location at any time.

OPROARTS Apps Easy Merge is offered free of charge for the Salesforce community. User with a account will be able to enjoy OPROARTS Apps Easy Merge by installing it to their account.

In addition, if a user requires more features and capabilities in document merging, the user could move to OPROARTS Apps Easy Merge Unlimited Edition, which supports using custom templates and generate customized sales documents and many other features like adding company logo, formatting and changing the component layout, adding new components to the templates etc.. OPROARTS Apps Easy Merge Unlimited Edition could be purchased for a one time fee of US $ 99.

This application uses the SaaS delivery model with which, OPRO Japan has eliminated the need of organizations to install or maintain software.

For additional product information regarding OPROARTS Apps Easy Merge, please write to and product sales related inquiries should be directed to For media related inquiries, please write to

About OPRO Japan Co., Ltd

OPRO Japan is a premier Tokyo based enterprise reporting solutions provider which provides business reporting and document delivery solutions in Japan. They have been providing enterprise reporting solutions for more than a decade and OPRO clientele includes multi national and leading companies world wide.

OPRO Japan is dedicated to provide business solutions which “Make IT Simple”. OPRO uses latest technologies to provide simple reporting and document delivery solution. OPRO Japan has a wide experience in successfully deploying OPRO X Server powered reporting solutions in different operating systems and database management systems.

Foreseeing how the current global economy would affect the operations of business community world wide, OPRO Japan started focusing on SaaS based solutions a couple of years ago. OPRO Japan realized that instead of purchasing software for a higher cost, customers would prefer using a lower monthly subscription scheme or pay per use scheme for the software services they require, which would also alleviate the customer’s burden of software maintenance and IT support.

This model is very much helpful to the companies without the financial and personnel resources to run costly software. This gives them an opportunity to use software services for a lower total cost of ownership and frees up company capital allowing them to use their resources on other critical needs.

OPROARTS is the response to the growing need of a cost efficient reporting service. OPROARTS provides a web based reporting service to its users. OPROARTS users will be able to generate their reports based on pre built templates and deliver them to remote destinations using Fax or Email using OPROARTS service.

As a result, OPRO Japan introduced “OPROARTS for Salesforce” for community in Japan. This was the first application OPRO Japan introduced for community and was highly successful in building up a large client base. It provides innovative solutions for community’s reporting and document delivery needs on In addition, the standard sales document generation service allows users to create quotations, order forms, invoices and delivery notes easily. Now the OPRO is planning to make it available for community out side of Japan and let them enjoy the whole lot of features available in OPRO products.

In addition to the Software as a Service model, OPRO Japan will continue to offer its flagship reporting solution OPRO X Server.

For more information, visit:
OPROARTS web site:
Corporate web site:

Company Address: 6F Shibashin-Mita Bldg,
Shiba, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0014,

Telephone Number: +81 3-5765-6510

Fax Number :+81 3-5765-6560

Sales Inquiries :

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