Posted by: lrrp | February 16, 2009

Social Media Optimization.. Are You Missing Out?

Concerned about what this Social Media Optimization hype about? Social Media Networks today have become powerful tools in interacting with communities. The best thing is that these communities are alive and kicking, interactive and sensitive, and most of all its growing rapidly. It has already become a part of the lifestyle for most internet users.

So why should you be concerned about Social Media?? Well simple, the fact is that if we are not with the latest trends and ways of the internet, its not so hard to get lost in the visibility war. You would ultimately loose your visibility and your presence from the consumer’s mind and your competitors would take the fullest advantage of that.

Ok, if that’s too complex for you just analyze this. Currently most of us use online advertising methods such as Pay per Click campaigns etc to drive traffic to our websites. But what we are not concerned much about is the fact that there are vastly untapped methods to reach into your consumers other than traditional online marketing methods.

Advertising on Social Media Networks are a great way to target different audiences. But it’s not always about going after all the Social Media Networks and blasting your advertising budget over heavy advertisements and banner ads. It is about carefully selecting, targeting and building relevant strategies to create the best suited social media campaign for your target audience.

Some times the best Social Media strategy comes absolutely free; it’s sometimes about carefully using your resources, getting involved and increasing visibility. Sometimes its not about how much you are willing to spend, it’s about how well you have come up with the best strategy and how good you have built relationships and won the hearts of the community. For example if you are a huge Facebook fan with loads of friends, its highly likely that they would accept a service or a product recommendation from you than a simple paid advertisement over a website.

Well, the case is not the same for all the products or services or for that matter brands. The way you approach your audience can differ drastically when approaching different target markets with different products or services.

It sometimes takes a good measure of commitment and a steady focused time spent on building and renewing relationships with the community members. For example sometimes you would have to rely on the loyalty and the trust of your fellow community members to drive traffic to something that you present. On communities such as digg it’s all about how well and good your content is for your fellow members. It’s by their recommendation that you are able to position your submission at a place where there’s more traffic.


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