Posted by: lrrp | April 15, 2008

Success Tips to Project Managers

There are numerous ways to fail as a project manager. Many Project Managers just live with their job as project manager and don’t actually manage the projects. Many Project Managers simply don’t get time to get updated with latest technology tools and best practices. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in particular that project managers can succeed.

Use project management tools effectively
There are hundreds of project managing tools available today. Project management tools today can be of such enormous aid that they can mean the difference between a project succeeding or failing. Just to name a few for enterprise project management to personal project management- Microsoft Project, QualBridge Enterprise Project Manager, eProject, Wrike, Primavera, ProExecute, BaseCamp, OpenProj (Free and Open Source) and dotproject (.NET based free and 0pen source) are some of the very successful project management software tools.

Manage your time well
Speaking of time, first of all you personally should be organized and achieve the desired outcome on time and on budget, then your project team will follow you. Be an example.

Conduct meetings effectively
Meetings are necessary in completing projects – project planning meeting, stakeholder meetings, project team meeting, weekly briefing, daily scrum and so on. Focus on the agenda, prioritize the discussions and focus on output. You should become an effective meeting manager also to become a successful project manager.

Maintain a sense of humor
Activities in a project may go wrong. But you have to maintain a sense of humor so that you don’t do damage to your health, to your team, to your organization, and to the project itself. Sometimes, not always, the best response to a breakdown is to simply let out a good laugh. Take a walk, stretch, revitalize yourself, and then come back and figure out what you are going to do next. Identify your best time to solve critical problems. My brains work well in the early morning, what about you?

Give and receive criticism
Team is very delicate to deal. Giving effective criticism to team is not so easy. There is a greater chance to break a thin line of patience and your team members may get upset. So learning the emotions of each of the team members is very important. Similarly, the ability to receive criticism is crucial for project managers.

Improve decision-making skills
Decision-making is a skill that can be learned and improved. Since you can make decisions on time, you are chosen as project manager. You should be quick to give decisions and the decisions should be right, because your team members look to you
for some approvals, choices from many options and prioritize activities.

Be adaptive
You may not know everything. Team members, other project managers, and those who authorize the project to begin with can provide valuable input, including new directions and new procedures. Accept any good suggestions if adaptable with project time, budget and resources.

Trust yourself
There may arise the moments during project execution, when Project Managers lose their hope and confidence. It it continues longer, that surely make project fail. Trusting yourself and also team members is a vital component to effective project management.


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