Posted by: lrrp | January 31, 2008

A comparison between the Google’s GWT (Google Web Toolkit) and Adobe’s Flex2

This article would compare Google GWT (Google Web Toolkit) and Adobe Flex 2 and would describe the advantages and disadvantages of each of these technologies.
This two technologies are both Rich Internet Application (RIA) frameworks.

GWT Advantages:

  • Doesn’t require plug in installation on the client side
  • GWT doesn’t require the user to know JavaScript since the code is written in Java
  • GWT doesn’t cost money since it is Open Source.
  • Changes in the Client side are immediately shown on the browser by using refresh, no need to restart the server.
  • GWT can be easily debugged in hosted mode.
  • There is compatible between different web browsers.

GWT Disadvantages:

  • The html and JavaScript code which GWT generates is pretty heavy and not necessary fully optimized.
  • GWT doesn’t come out of the box with all the possible widgets, there is a need to use extra components

Flex Advantages:

  • The UI looks nicer then plain HTML/JavaScript code, It contains huge amount of animations, widgets etc’
  • Compatible between different web browsers
  • Flex 2 SDK and Flex Builder 2 for Education are both free
  • Google can index SWF files

Flex Disadvantages:

  • It requires plug in installation on the client side , however this may not be disadvantage since Adobe claims that Flash is installed on more then 99% percent of users.
  • Flex Builder 2 costs some money

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