Posted by: lrrp | December 27, 2007

IPTV- Sri Lanka

IPTV- Sri Lanka

Think of sitting in front of the TV and getting a more interactive session without just watching what’s on but being able to watch the programmes you want, at the time you want, and getting a message on the screen alerting you of any phone call or SMS.

This may sound like something from the future, but this is coming to Sri Lanka and will be here next year come February.

Sri Lanka Telecom, the leading national telecom service provider is provide to giving the consumers with the latest in television technology with IPTV. The emerging technology that enables the delivery of broadcast quality TV and on-demand entertainment services over IP networks.

Broadcasting delivery will be carried out over an ADSL line by SLT that will be providing TV services becoming the clear competitor for the satellite TV networks already in Sri Lanka.

Services will include an over and above what the cable TV providers already have with the introduction of interactive services, Voice on Demand, time-shifted TV.

The main target will be residential market providing delivery on TV with interactive , SLT’s ISP Services Head of Section Irshad Deen said.

He noted that the content will include broadcast TV with sports, entertainment and light, educational and serious niche segment as well.

“This will be a paradigm shift and a giant convergence step from telco to broadcasting communication,” he said.

The biggest part is the when and how way in which the customer wants to watch the TV because of interactivity it helps to bring services to be more interactive-based.

“We are in the process of selecting the right platform with a set up Master Control Room to ensure right quality,” Deen explained.

Security will also be protected heavily with water marking with AES algorithm which is able to protect the content over the network, he said.

Initially SLT will be providing voice via telephone or mobile, data on broadband internet access and video through television allowing the customer to have the full use of triple play. But quadruple play which will involve all of these services along with wireless service provisions will allow customers sometime later be able to access these services while on the move.

From senior citizens to the hip youth and kids, services will be made available with Cartoon TV, video games, handset games, music download, ring tone downloads, mobile video games, news, music and radio, TV and movies, sports news will involve the focus services.

A convergence of services via one network will be the best deal that will be up on offer through this new technological advancement that will hit Colombo initially and later go to the regions next year.

This service will prove to be a win-win solution for all with an estimated US$25 billion CAPEX for IPTV related infrastructure and content by 2010 which aptly applies for vendors of this service.

Broadcasters will be able to deal with professional telco organizations, have accountability of viewer-ship, ability to offer enhanced services and increase revenue; while operators will be able to access new revenue streams, reduced churn and obtain higher valuation for wire line.

Customers will have a wider choice of reliable and accountable service providers, digital quality programming and flexibility of subscription packages in addition to new services such as interactivity, gaming, video call and VoD.


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