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Liferay and Pentaho Integrated

Liferay is known in the business world as the leading provider of portal solutions. The company has concentrated itself to this practice as they cater to businesses who demand more information to be streamlined. Liferay uses the most popular web technologies such as the J2EE, Java and Ajax so that the application will run smoothly. Businesses who wish to use their services can select from more than 700 pre-set applications. As this program is implemented in an open source platform, subscribers to their service will be able to use the program and create minor changes to customize the application.

On the other hand, Pentaho has been awarded as one of the best open source solutions in BI (Business Intelligence) category. Instead of providing the whole package, Pentaho became a giant in providing businesses critical reporting information. Pentaho is also regarded as an open source leader in business solutions as their products could be used “out of the box” or companies can create their own products based on Pentaho’s open source solutions. As the company integrates more and more information, they are able to analyze the data and give precise reporting in real time. It’s a technology that’s in demand for business as they struggle to understand their customers even better.

Just recently, these companies have announced their partnership, making interpolerability possible between two companies’ products. They will be concentrating on Liferay’s Java programs and Pentaho’s BI solutions. The company has set to release the results of their partnership in early 2008. Even though these companies are fairly new in the business software industry (Liferay, 2000 and Pentago 2002), their partnership is obviously a good move to boost their sales and attract more customers in the process. Each of them has their own greatness that when combined, it creates one powerful product in the process.

There are two good things about their integration. If you take a look at it closely, Pentaho is in for a better deal. First, both companies are in open source, so combining these technologies could be very easy. Businesses should be able to download their services and create changes on these programs as they wish. The second great thing for Pentaho is Liferay’s ability to integrate Ajax in any of their programs. As Pentaho gets complicated in their business reporting, they need Ajax to make things better and more interactive.

Even though Liferay will be using Java as their platform, the companies are also implementing Ajax in part. Combining Java and Ajax mash-ups is even better since it will give more options for the customers. For example, if a business tool is used only offline, or in a local network, they should be able to implement more Java based program. On the other hand, if the product warrants that you have to be connected to the net most of the time; Ajax is the best platform they could use to implement the service. As these products are in open source, it’s really easy to make some changes.

Liferay and Pentaho Announce Technology Partnership

Liferay, provider of the world’s leading enterprise-class, open source portal and content management system and Pentaho Corp., creator of the world’s most popular open source business intelligence (BI) suite, today announced a technology partnership to enhance integration between their product lines. By working together, Liferay and Pentaho will leverage open standards to simplify deployment for enterprise organizations looking to leverage commercial open source software to securely enable access to BI content as part of an overall enterprise portal strategy.

Portals provide an ideal framework to seamlessly integrate business intelligence with other enterprise applications and content. An enterprise portal framework makes it easy to deliver the benefits of business intelligence to large numbers of users, while enhancing the value of BI with application context, integrated collaboration, and an intuitive multi-application user interface. Portals can also make it easy for users to create personalized views of information, including dashboards that integrate BI with other enterprise content.

“Integrating business intelligence with enterprise portal frameworks provides a great opportunity to deliver greater information value to larger user communities,” said Mark Smith, CEO and EVP of Research at Ventana Research. “Liferay and Pentaho are expanding the access and attractiveness of their products to the enterprise by providing simplified configuration and tighter integration.”

Pentaho and Liferay both support the JSR-168 portal integration standard, providing a durable, standards-based method for integration. The companies are planning to work together to make integrated deployment even easier with minimal customization and configuration effort. The next phase of integration is expected to be delivered in Q1 of 2008.

About LiferayLiferay Portal is the world’s leading enterprise open source portal framework with Fortune 500 clients around the world. Liferay Professional Services offers technical support, custom development and professional training to ensure successful deployment of its flagship product in the most demanding IT environments. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles with regional headquarters in Germany and China. For more information, please visit

About Pentaho CorporationPentaho Corporation provides a full spectrum of open source Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities including reporting, analysis, dashboards, data mining, data integration, and a BI platform that have made it the world’s most popular open source BI suite. Formed by a highly experienced team of industry veterans, Pentaho’s mission is to bring innovative, high quality technology and professional support to the BI market. Pentaho uses a revolutionary approach to development, distribution and support made possible by a commercial open source business model. Pentaho is the primary sponsor and owner of popular open source projects including JFreeReport, Kettle, Mondrian, and Weka. Pentaho’s technologies support a wide range of business initiatives from sales and profitability analysis, customer analysis, HR reporting, Financial reporting, KPI dashboards, Supply Chain analytics, and operational reporting. For more information, visit



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