Posted by: lrrp | November 29, 2007

Aitken Spence ventures into IT with EVES IT Lanka

Venturing into the rapidly expanding field of IT industry Aitken Spence launched EVES IT Lanka last week with German partner EVES IT AG.
EVES IT Lanka aims to develop and customize software that works specifically for companies or organizations. A Sri Lankan team of software engineers will work with the mother company in Germany and their customers to design applications according to particular business needs.
“Establishing the company in Sri Lanka was much easier than founding the company in Germany” said EVES IT Germany Supervisory Board Chairman Sebastian Ebel while stating that Germany was short of IT professionals and that the cost incurred by them was very low. He also added that he is very proud of achieving such a measure of improvement in such a short period of time.
“Although EVES IT Germany had wanted to expand to India, they had resolved to establish a presence in Sri Lanka. Now they are more than content in their decision to have chosen Sri Lanka since it is very reliable” EVES IT Lanka Project Manager Rohan Perera said.
In addition to this, he pointed out that most of the IT projects in the country as well as in the world, tend to fail and that they exceed their budget and do not deliver on the customer requirements.
He however pointed out that EVES IT Lanka would prioritize customer satisfaction.
The company will delve into hardware controlling, performance tools, customer relationship management systems and the mobile industry especially through Blackberry features.
The company’s clientele in Germany includes Volkswagen, Siemens, TUI and Deutsche Telekom. In the short to medium term the company intends to enlarge its staff to sixty and serve customers outside Germany, initially in Europe and thereafter in South Asia. Company officials believe that they would be serving the local market by the end of next year.
The EVES IT Lanka board includes Chairman J.M.S Brito, Managing Director Gehan Perera, IT Specialist Dr. Volker Eckhardt and Sebastian Ebel.


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