Posted by: lrrp | September 28, 2007

One chip does three memory jobs

One chip does three memory jobs

By Chris Mellor

Memory system designer Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. (SST) has combined NAND and NOR-like flash memory with RAM to produce a single chip with three memory applications.
SST says this memory consolidation will simplify the host interface, shorten design time, reduce overall system costs and improve quality and reliability for a variety of mobile and embedded intelligent devices.
The three different memory types will be used for storing programme code, and for data and system operations (RAM).
The first All-in-OneMemory product, called the SST88VP1107, comes configured with 512 kbyte instant-on boot NOR, 128 Mbyte execute-in-place code storage in a NOR-like flash, 120 Mbyte data storage in NAND flash and 12 Mbyte system RAM for mobile and embedded applications.
These three memory functions are accessed via a single PSRAM bus. The data storage is accessed sequentially, being laid out as a memory-mapped ATA disk; the others are accessed randomly.
The NOR function is carried out by pseudo-NOR composed of RAM cache and NAND flash memory. This saves money by eliminating the need for costly, high-density NOR flash memory.
Caching NAND flash content helps extend endurance and improve reliability by minimizing direct read/write access to the NAND flash.
Sleek design

SST says the All-in-OneMemory chip is well-suited for applications that need high-density memory with enhanced performance, superior quality and high reliability.
It is a small package, at 10mm x 13mm X 1.44mm, and so suited to deployment in hand-held intelligent devices with limited internal space as well as larger ones.
By intelligently managing all memory components with a resident 32-bit microcontroller, All-in-OneMemory offers instant secure boot, memory demand paging, NAND flash management and industry-standard ATA data storage protocol on a single PSRAM bus.
This reduces overall system complexity and lowers cost, SST claims.
SST plans to introduce other products in the All-in-OneMemory family and says the default configuration of the first product can be altered for specific application requirements.
The SST88VP1107 is sampling now with production chips expected to be available in December.
Pricing starts at $17.00 in 10K unit quantities.


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