Posted by: lrrp | June 8, 2006

Analysing GC the affordable way

Lately i have been running into memory problems at a customer and i was ready to go with a to be bought profiler to the customer and play the profiler game. But after visiting or contacting most of the major players in the profiler segment like JProfiler, JProbe, Yourkit or OptimizeIT, i had to realize that the complete crowd dont support Java on Linux/PPC. First i thought that this cant be real because nearly all IBM machines and therefore nearly all IBM customers are running linux on Power Architecture (except xSeries of course). But it is real and so far i dont know any profiler which is running there.

So i searched for alternatives and used the JVM boardtools like verboseGC and the new Java5 switches for memory profiling. After getting some more log files from the JVM, i found the “IBM Pattern Modeling and Analysis Tool for Java Garbage Collector” quite useful. BTW you can get it here. So i run this tool with my first verboseGC log and even its not an exhausting information, its enough to get the idea and to look further. Below the screenshot. There are some more tools in this space from IBM i will cover in the next days.

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